“Flour Sack” Quilt ” A reminder of beautiful women”….

Flour Sack quilt on it’s bed

Donna put Flour Sack Quilt, that I made,  on her bed and soon her cat Dido found it a comfortable place to sleep…

Dido on Flour Sack Quilt

Donna also wrote how the quilt reminded her of the women in her family:

It is also a reminder of the strong, beautiful women in my family (Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother) who made quilts for each of us in my family. A true labor of love and color.

I always feel that connection to something bigger than myself when I’m making my quilts.  I believe it’s a collective of all the women who have made quilts before me.  Something that was done out of necessity, but also a creative need.

2 thoughts on ““Flour Sack” Quilt ” A reminder of beautiful women”….

  1. There is something so special about someone using a quilt they are given. As quilter I learned to sew as a child from my grandmother and every stitch I take whether sewing, quilting or doing embroidery I think of her fondly. I’m happy to say one of my nieces has started making quilts so I’m no longer the only quilter in the family. The Flour sack quilt looks lovely on the bed.

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