Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 9/11/17

As first I was annoyed when I thought that Jon ruined my video by telling me to get out of his picture.  I didn’t realize I had gotten a video of him training the dogs and setting up a photo.  I just liked the scene.   But he was just as annoyed with me for getting in his picture.

When I looked at the video after taking it, it thought it showed the reality of our Monday mornings, when I’m trying to get a good Monday Morning Video and Jon’s trying to get a good photo.

I love these kind of creative interactions. It’s often better when they do go the way I wanted them to.

I think Jon’s going to post the photo from this video on his blog.   If  he does you’ll be able to  see it here.

5 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 9/11/17

  1. That is priceless! “Walk up Red” and everyone comes running! Ahhh, Fate and Gus are what they are. It’s called Running in your truth 🙂

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