A New Way To “Support My Blog”

If you look at the navigation bar (the strip of pink),  at the top of my blog you’ll see the words “Support my Blog” between “Events” and “Bedlam Farm”.

That’s new as of this morning.

When I use a website repeatedly, I’ll occasionally donate to it.  If I read something that strikes me,  if the information I get from it is important to me, of if I find I go back to it again and again, I’ll send them a $3 or $5 or $10 donation.

I use my website to sell my work.  But over the years my blog has evolved. I’m spending more time  writing, taking  videos and posting  photos.  I now see all these different mediums as a part of my creative expression.

So if you like my blog, but don’t want to buy my work, now there’s a way you can support the writing and pictures.

I’m not looking for big donations or monthly support.

If I write something that has meaning for you, or  you look forward to  my Monday Morning Videos, or find a moment of peace while watching my Thirty Second Meditations, you can, if you choose and are able to,  make a small donation to  support that part of my work.

If you click on  Support My Blog on the navigation bar, it will bring you to a page where I write about the idea behind supporting my blog and at the bottom there is a “Donate” button you can click on.  It takes you to PayPal, where, if you want,  you can make a donation to my blog.  You can also send donations in the mail,  my address is there too.

I’m still working on making some visual changes to the page and the donate button (I want it a little bigger and in the middle of the page) and I hope to have a Donate To My Blog button on the bottom of each blog post as well as on the navigation bar.

So thanks to you all for being out there and reading my blog.  I appreciate you support in what ever form it comes.



2 thoughts on “A New Way To “Support My Blog”

  1. I have misplaced your physical address. I would like to send you and Jon a donation but am not comfortable doing it online. I have bought your “Show Your Soul” notecards and posters before, as well as small donations.
    Do you have an address for Sara Davis – or an email address?
    Please know I am sending my deepest thoughts and love to Red.

    1. Thanks for all your support Florence.
      Here’s a link to Sara’s Etsy Shop GoldenEarth Designs. You can get in touch with here there. And our address is PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816. Thanks again.

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