More Donkey Art

Donkey Art

The donkeys are back to making art.

Every day I put the green ball on top of the orange cone and the mineral block back in the black bucket. Every night the donkeys rearrange them. Sometimes they do a better job than others.  Yesterday, they were inspired.

Once again the donkeys created a nice composition of forms but this time with the balancing act of tipping the bucket up on the mineral block.  This creates a diagonal line between the sphere and cone which adds just the right amount  of tension to it all.

4 thoughts on “More Donkey Art

  1. The Rhode Island School of Design offers financial aid to “creative individuals who aspire to make a meaningful contribution to our world.” I think Lulu and Fanny qualify, don’t you?

  2. It’s so cool to think about the donkeys with their heads together, contemplating their nightly art session!!!

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