More Donkey Art

Donkey Art

From the overturned bucket and the placement of the cone and the ball, it looks like the donkeys may have been partying last night.

But still the placement of the objects is still in range for me to take a picture.

The bucket on end and yesterday’s balancing cone, are impressive.

For those of you who are new to the donkey art, it started when I put the green ball on the orange cone next to the black bucket with the mineral block in it.

I do this every morning and every night, the donkeys rearrange it all.  The first time they made, what looked to me to be a still life, I began seeing their arrangements as art and documenting it with photos.

Not every arrangement the donkeys create is art.  I get to decide what is an isn’t, since I’m the photographer.

This is how I place the bucket, mineral block, cone and ball in the morning.

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