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Wendy’s Migration Quilt with Bud

Migration is backed and tacked.  Now all I have to do is stitch the name of the quilt, my initials and the year on it.   Then I can send it off to Wendy and her husband for the bed in their “new” mobile home.

I got to spend the whole day in my studio working on “Migration”.

I was listening to Jon’s radio show while working and I even called in as I said I might in my previous post. We talked about Socrates and  how two people come together to make important decisions about animals.

Anne, who Jon and I have become friends with through our blogs, called in to say she saw a balance in our relationship when it came to animals.  Something she shares with her husband, Kevin also.  That balance helps us each be more deliberate and thoughtful when making decisions about getting animals and their health.

I know being with Jon has made me think about animals in ways I hadn’t before.  And he says my compassion for all animals and even plants have made him understand a different way of seeing  them.

I think Anne is right about the balance.

Bud spent some time in my studio with Fate and me this afternoon.  I try to have rawhide and bones to keep them busy so they don’t try playing while I’m working.  Today, Fate got both her  and Bud’s bone  and stood by the door waiting for me to let her out so she could bury them.

She seems to forget that the ground is frozen and that I always take the bones away from her so she can’t bury them.  But she never stops trying.

2 thoughts on “Back In My Studio

  1. Oh so beautiful Maria!
    Can’t wait for Migration to come to it’s new home so far away.
    So much compassion and caring will keep us warm.

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