A Macro Lens Video of My Mystery Snail Eating

I’ve taken videos of my Mystery Snails eating before, but never with my macro lens, like I did this evening.

Snails have over ten thousand teeth ( you can see them in this video) and aquatic snails have some of the hardest teeth of any animal.

In this video you can watch my Mystery Snail scrape the algae off the side of the fish tank.  On the right, below her/his eye, you can see the syphon.  When the snail needs air, it will go to the top of the tank, extend it’s syphon and get as much air as it needs.

6 thoughts on “A Macro Lens Video of My Mystery Snail Eating

  1. Wow! No wonder they used to keep my Koi pond so clean, when I had one in NJ for several years before retiring to VT.

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