This Year’s Garden and The “New” Back Porch

The “new” back porch

It finally stopped raining long enough for me to do some gardening this weekend and rearrange the back porch.

Minnie and Flo have adjusted well to the new accommodations.  There’s still plenty of places for them to sleep and now someplace for me and Jon to sit too.

The annual plant sale was happening at the Methodist Church in town, I got some Iris’s.

Strangely many of mine, along with a few other perennials didn’t come back this spring.   One of the women at the plant sale said some of her perennials died too.  She thought it was because of a couple of nights,early in season, where the temperature went below zero.

So my garden was kinda empty and where there used to be plants sprouting, now the soil was covered in weeds.

Looking at the weeds,  I thought about the hand painted sign  I pass  on my way  to Bellydancing that  reads:  Perennials $5 each.  I’ve been meaning to stop there for a couple of years so Jon and I made the trip this morning.

There were tons of pots lined up on wooden boards, pictures of the kind of flower each would produce in front of them.  The plants were small,  obviously dug up from the garden, but the variety was huge.

I got six perennials and left the money in the tupperware container,  when a woman came out of the house asking if we found everything we were looking for.

“I was on the third floor.” she said, “so it took me a while to get down.” The huge brick house has the date 1796 over the doorway.  On the state line between New York and Vermont, it must have been an Inn.

This afternoon I planted all the flowers and seeds I bought in the past two days,   but there was still lots of empty space in my garden, so I went back out to get more seeds.  I found a big bag of Zinnia seeds for $10 at the nursery just up the road.

The little wire fence is enough to keep the hens out of the garden till the seeds grow big enough to survive them.

I also planted basil, dill, parsley, and cilantro in the herb mound.  Herbs I know Jon will use in the kitchen.  I’m planning on my own creative version of the a Three Sisters Garden again too.  But that and the dahlias will have to wait till next weekend.

Although the sun is still shining, so I may get back out there yet…

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