Making Bedlam Farm Yarn

Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill with the dye book.

Deb was in the back room working the big machines that make wool into yarn when Jon and I got to the Vermont Fiber Mill yesterday morning.  We went though the sample book of colors to dye the yarn, which is fun, but can be overwhelming too.

This was the first time in the five or so years I’ve been selling yarn that I had a good idea of what I wanted to do with my ten bags of wool.

I left Zelda’s and Suzy’s wool natural because I had a couple of people specifically ask for it.

I blended Kim’s white wool with Biddy’s gray wool.  They’ll be twisted together to make a barber pole yarn.  It’s the first time I’ve ever done that and it’s a more expensive to do, but I think it will be pretty special.

I blended the rest of the wool mixing Romney and Border Leicester or Romney and Cheviot for each batch.

I’m dying the rest of the white wool, from Liam and Rosemary, sage and a dusty pink.

I’m dying Socks and Izzy’s wool the same rich red and blue I did last time because I had people request those colors again too.

I’m keeping  half of Pumpkin and Griselle’s wool natural gray and the rest I’m dying purple, which works really beautifully with the blue and red.

I should have the wool back as yarn in late September or early October.  There was a lot  of wool this year,  so I’ll have a lot of yarn to sell.

Jon and my bags of wool at the Mill

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