Sending Marcia Hankies for The Tiny Pricks Project

Linens for Marcia and her neighbor to use for a #tinypricks

Cheri was one of the people who wrote to me asking me to explain the Tiny Pricks Project.  She  didn’t understand the meaning behind it.

So I did the best I could and a couple of days later she sent me an email saying  that not only did she “get it”, but was going to participate in it.

I love that Cheri asked and that I was able to explain it in a way that she could understand.  It was one of those exchanges that made me really appreciate my blog, even more than I usually do.

Then Marcia wrote and  asked me  for a few hankies.

She and a neighbor both want to do a Tiny Pricks.   A few days ago I wrote that I’d be happy to send a hankie or linen to anyone who wanted to participate in the project and needed a linen to stitch their Trump quote on.

I don’t know which quotes Marcia and her neighbor will be using so I’m sending them a few  hankies and linens to choose from.

That offer still stands, if you want to do a #tinypricks and don’t have a linen to stitch it on,  just email me here at [email protected].


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