Teaching Etsy To The Artists At Bishop Maginn School

Jon and I are going to the Bishop Maginn School in Albany this morning to see Sue Silverstein and the kids in her art room.

I’m going to show them how to set up an Etsy shop so they can sell their paintings directly.

Jon and I will still promote them, but Sue and the artists will have direct contact with the people buying their art and will also have the responsibly of doing the work involved with selling.

I think it could be a good learning experience for the young artists selling their work.  They’ll be able to see all that’s involved and learn how to be more independent.

Sue wants to sell her paintings to help pay tuition for the kids at Bishop Maginn School who can’t afford it.  She’s an established artist who stopped painting and selling her work  years ago.  But now she’s back, inspired by the work Jon has been doing and her students (who pestered her to  show them her paintings).

Sue’s paintings are based in nature, but are ethereal in content. Layered and dreamy, she creates a space you can dwell in.

We’ll let you know when the Bishop Maginn Etsy Shop goes live.

Stepping Stones by Sue Silverstein


2 thoughts on “Teaching Etsy To The Artists At Bishop Maginn School

  1. Gorgeous painting by Sue! Somehow I am always drawn to stepping stones! And, of course, the spectacular colors in this one.

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