Suzy A Good Sheep


If I were going to breed  just one of my sheep it would be Suzy.

She was an attentive and protective mother, gave birth with no problems and has lots of lovely gray wool.

Suzy, Socks and Tess (who died some years ago), all Border Leisters, were my first three sheep.  They were given to me by a farmer who brought his sheep to Old Bedlam Farm to graze.

Suzy is friendly and loves to get her back scratched.  Her big, bulging eyes easily distinguish her from the other sheep.

I named Suzy after my friend Suzy Fatzinger, who is a spinner and knitter.  Suzy sold her handspun and knit,  fingerless gloves and shawls at the Bedlam Farm Open House.

This spring Bud was interested in Suzy and she seemed to be smitten with him.  She would wiggle her butt at him and a few times they even touched noses.

Suzy still hangs around Liam much of the time.  They’re often sitting or grazing next to each other.

If I didn’t have other sheep to compare her too, I might think that all sheep are good mothers like Suzy who stay connected to their lambs.  But I’ve seen this isn’t true with Socks and Pumpkin or with some of the other sheep we’ve had.

I do have a soft stop for Suzy and Socks since they were my first sheep.

That’s Suzy on the right behind Tess.  Socks is next to Suzy.  This photo is from when I first got them all in 2012.  Suzy and Socks were only a year or two old then.  You can see how much darker Suzy’s wool was.


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