Dahlia Morning

This morning  mist hovered on the edge of the pasture and at the base of the Green Mountains in the distance.

The late summer flowers are in full bloom.  They have a saturation and intensity that seems to speak to the end of the season.


15 thoughts on “Dahlia Morning

  1. Oh yes; this is another one that should be for sale! It reminds me of my granny’s backyard! Just a gorgeous picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maria, End of a season. I keep forgetting about the seasons as Los Angeles is just about seasonless. If you look very, very hard, you might be able to see a difference in the leaves or in the scent of the air. My grandmother lived in West Philadelphia and we used to pass by the Italian back yards with the fig trees covered in black tarp (?) black plastic (?) and I used to get sick – they were so scary – no one explained to me that the wonderful fig trees were being protected and when we went to the Italian store I used to get sick looking at the cheeses hanging from the ceilings ! And I bet they were really good cheeses! I also remember the Italian men with a horse and cart coming around with fruit and vegetables. Now I wish my mother had given the man money for the horse as she never bought any food – we grew up on candy and cupcakes and soda.

    1. Eileen, I can see and smell those cheeses hanging too. I wish you had gotten to eat one of the figs, it might have changed your mind about the trees, as scary as they could be. Thanks for sharing this memory, I can imagine the horse and cart with the fruit and vegetables.

  3. Since I live at 1700 feet in the Greens I just leaned out my door and waved in your general direction down the Lake. Lovely photo!

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