Thirty Second Meditation, Spiderweb/Wind

While I was writing about my studio spider and her web, I found that I actually know little about spiders.  I looked up some general information when I was writing the piece,  but writing, like drawing, brings a new awareness to the subject.

The more I think about and pay attention to the spider and her web, the more I want to know about her.  And now I can find out not only by reading what other people already know, but by my own observations too.

I’ll be sure to share them.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation, Spiderweb/Wind

  1. From this angle, the web resembles dew-covered strings vibrating on a harp. I can imagine the spider plucking on those strings, creating her own deadly siren song. Maria, you inspire my imagination!

  2. Watching your video of the spider web, I thought how beautiful that you filmed it showing the ripple of the breeze, like playing a harp. Gave a very different viewing than looking at the web “head on.”

    Spiders are little “fiber artists” too! (Smile.)

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