Tiny Pricks At The Chiropractor

I took my #tinypricks to the Chiropractor’s office today.  I usually have a bit of a wait so I figured it would be a good place to finally start stitching the words on the Tiny Pricks I came up with a couple of weeks ago.

This #tinypricks is from Trump’s quote about the fighting between Syria, Turkey and the attack on the Kurds after Trump announced the US would be withdrawing troops.  His quote is:

There’s a lot of sand they can play with there.”

I get inspired about The Tiny Pricks Project every time I go on Instagram and see what other people are doing.  It truly is a creative political community.

You can be a part of it too.  To find out all about it click here.  And if you need a hankie or linen to stitch your quote on, I’ll be glad to send you one, just email me here. 

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