Rosemary Makes A Good Sticker

I got to use my Rosemary Sticker today.  I sold a skein of Pumpkin and Griselles’s wool so the sticker was perfect for the package.

I only have 2 skiens of wool left in my Etsy Shop.  One of Pumpkin and Griselle’s and one of Suzy’s.  Both are natural colors.

And since we’re talking wool,  I sold four of Suzy Fatzingers handspun and knit shawls.  There’s still one availble in my Etsy Shop.  It’s made from Natual colored wool and is called “Walk In The Woods”.

Next Tuesday I’ll be dropping off the summer wool at the Vermont Fiber Mill.  I’m still debating how I’ll process it all, but will let you know when I do.

And I’m happy to say that my sheep Griselle is doing really well.

She and Zelda were both so thin after last winter that I fed them both grain all summer trying to fatten them up.  Zelda was older than Griselle and had lost most of her teeth so this was her last summer.  But when we sheared Griselle, we could see that the grain worked like magic on her.

It will be during the winter that the grain will be most important to Griselle.  She seems healthy otherwise, so  I think with the suppliment of grain she can live a long time.

Suzy’s Shawl. “Walk In The Woods”  it’s 60″ long by 18″ from top center to bottom point and is $138 including shipping you can buy it here. 


4 thoughts on “Rosemary Makes A Good Sticker

  1. Have really enjoyed reading the background of the new sheep, so glad you decided to get the ‘twins’ and that they are fitting into the flock so well. Also really enjoyed seeing Suzy’s beautiful shawls, being introduced to her goats, and to read her hard work in spinning and knitting has been appreciated – as the shawls have sold. I’m imagining there could be one next year, similar colors to ‘Walk in the Woods’ – made of natural colored Bedlam Farm sheeps wool, with a darker stripe in there too, thanks to the addition of the twins to the flock and their fleeces.

    Look forward to seeing what you decide for this years fleeces – judging by how quickly the most recent batch of skeins sold, trusting your gut on color decisions whether to get all yarn or a mix of yarn and roving, whatever you decide will work out – and give you lots more chances to use those lovely Rosemary stickers!

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