My 8th Tiny Pricks “Playing In The Sand”

My 8th #tinypricks

It still seems crazy to me that our president can say things like  “There’s a lot of sand there for them to play with” referring to people fighting and dying in wars and a few weeks later most of us don’t even remember it.

I think that’s one of the reasons why the Tiny Pricks Project is so important.

Because these things that Donald Trump says, as president of the United States, are too cruel, thoughtless and potentially dangerous to just be forgotten without any consequence.

It was only two weeks ago that Trump made this comment referring to the fighting between Syria and Turkey and the attack on the  Kurds when Trump pulled the US troops out of Syria.  But I know that  Trump has used enough outrageous and dismissive language about so many other events that are happening since then that something he said two weeks ago almost seems like years ago.

This is my 8th contribution to #tinypricks.  And by now I know, unfortunately, that I’ll be making many more.

Anyone can participate in The Tiny Pricks Project, click here to find out how.

And if you need a hankie or linen to stitch your quote on I’ll be happy to send you one.  Just email me at [email protected].

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