My Quilting Bible


Fate and my Gee’s Bend Book

The Gee’s Bend book next to Fate is my quilting bible.  It’s usually on my floor because that’s where I look at it.  Sitting on my floor where I make my quilts, looking for inspiration.

Sometimes I’m inspired by a design or color combinations  I see in one of the quilts. But mostly I’m inspired by the philosophy of the Gee’s Bend Quilters to follow my own intuition. This idea is so visible in each of the quilts it reminds me to simply trust myself.


4 thoughts on “My Quilting Bible

  1. Maria, love this photo! I had to laugh when Fate’s little face came on the screen…she looks so comfy, and a little tipsy (which I know she isn’t) 🙂 She also looks like a lovely present sticking out of Santa’s red sack! And, the warm colors and composition of your photo continue the comforting theme. Great shot!

  2. Right about the time you got back from India and I bought my healing room quilt, I was in a masters bioenergy class. It was held in a cancer healing center, and that very book was smack dab on the coffee table where our lounge was. I found it kind of random LOL, like so many things that likely aren’t.

    Those ladies are some powerful women, it is so wonderful you got to share their wisdom.

    1. That’s really interesting Elizabeth. I know it’s been healing for me, finding the Gee’s Bend quilts and making my own. I agree they are powerful women.

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