5 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 2/3/20

  1. I just realized seeing Zinnia right beside Fate in your video how big she is getting! It’s amazing how quickly Zinnia has morphed into almost maturity! She is a beautiful dog. Not that Fate isn’t; Fate is just Fate, beautiful in her own way! 😉

  2. Maria, I love your Monday morning videos! They make me happy. I love how all of the animals are looking at you, and to you. I like to think it’s love, but maybe it’s food! Fate and her running around the sheep, and Zinnia trying to intercept her are so fun to watch. Thanks for the fun videos!

    1. Sometimes I wonder if people are tired of the Monday Morning Videos Karla, so it’s always so nice to hear you say that. They help me not take the opportunity to feed the animals for granted. I do love doing it and sharing it too.

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