Twin Healing Trees, Grounded and Connected


“Twin Healing Trees”

I finished my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting today.  Barbara left a comment on my blog saying she thought the background looked like “infinite possibilities”.

For me, it is a special piece.  I feel like it captures how I feel about the trees in the woods where I walk,  as well as these two trees in particular.

When I first drew the picture from the photo I took of me between the trees, I didn’t know that I’d be dressing the woman in some of the same fabric I’d be using to depict the trees and forest floor.  And Hannah left a comment on my blog noticing that I used a fabric with trees on it, placed horizontally, for her leggins.

Grounded and connected is how I so often feel walking in the woods.  And grounded and connected is what I see when I look at this piece.

Twin Healing Trees is 32 1/2″ x 21 1/2″, it was $300 and it is sold.

10 thoughts on “Twin Healing Trees, Grounded and Connected

  1. Excellent Maria, just excellent! I love the stitching cementing the characters onto the quilt. Just excellent. And I love the expression on her face. And her boots. Really just excellent. Thank you for doing this and letting us see! Veronica

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