A Flower In Winter

The small purple flower on the sprig of sage

I harvested the sage in late fall before the first frost. I wrapped the stems in jute and hug them upside down on the door leading to the woodshed to dry.

Except for one sprig, which I put in water in a small glass bottle on the kitchen windowsill.

Last year when I did this with a twig of Lavander, it grew roots.  But although my sage didn’t die, it didn’t seem to grow either.  Then, last week I got the feeling it might want some more sunlight than the north-facing kitchen window could provide.

So  I moved the sage to the living room window that the morning sun warms up every day.

And today, as I walked past the window I saw a tiny spot of purple nestled in the sage leaves.  A flower had grown overnight with another small bud sprouting next to it.

It seemed a bit of a miracle to me.  A sign for Valentine’s or maybe of spring.  Maybe not a sign at all, but simply a flower in winter.

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