Bedlam Farm Wool, Coming Soon!


Around the circle starting with Kim up front, next is Issachar, Biddy, Rosemary, Griselle, Socks, Suzy, Liam, Pumpkin and Asher (with Fate peeking out behind them)

It’s time for Bedlam Farm wool once again!

Over the weekend I got an email from Deb at The Vermont Fiber Mill letting me know that my wool is ready.

Jon and I will try to pick it up this weekend, then I’ll have it for sale in my Etsy Shop early next week.

I’ll have both roving and yarn this time.  The roving is yellow and the yarn maroon, orange, teal and some natural grays.

I did see samples of the colors when I picked them out (you can see them here), but you can never really tell how the colors will turn out till they come back from the mill.  That’s part of the fun and excitement of picking up the wool.

I won’t have any of Asher’s or Issachar’s wool because when we go them in the fall they were already shorn.  I’ll have to wait till next fall to see what their wool looks and feels like.

3 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Wool, Coming Soon!

  1. The sheep were so well-behaved to line up so perfectly, and pose! I’m saving that entry so that I’ll always have their names. And perfect that Fate made the photo! I don’t think the link to the yarn colors is working. It took me to the photo of you and Carolyn (which BTW is lovely!). Thank you for her instagram account. It’s dizzy with colors!! What a wonderful artist family you have! I can’t wait to see your wool. I’m going to pay much closer attention to when it goes up for sale. I know might be a difficult week for you. Chin up.

    1. I’ll fix the link Susie, thanks for letting me know. And I’ll post pictures of the sheep and their wool so everyone has a better idea of who is who.

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