Feeling Successful

I could hardly believe it when I saw that  I sold out of my Twin Healing Tree magnets again. (I just placed an order for more).

I do love to think of the magnets making their way around the country, finding so many new homes to be in. That’s something I couldn’t do with an original piece of art.  Magnets, like any kind of print, are truly democratic.

I also sold out of my Bedlam Farm Yarn in just two weeks.  I do still have one ball of yellow roving available so if you spin or do felting, you can have a look at it here.

And then I quickly sold the Bedlam Farm Donation Wool that Maggie donated.  Later today I’ll write a check for the money it brought in and deposit it in the account for the Army of Good.

So thank you all!

Yesterday Jon wrote a really beautiful piece about me on his blog.  In it, he wrote, “You don’t have to be rich or famous to be successful and live a meaningful life.

I cried when I read that because I do feel successful, but I too often dismiss that feeling when I think that I don’t make a lot of money.  And I don’t even really believe that the two are connected.  But still like the body image beliefs I struggled with for so long (until Bellydancing taught me the truth about myself) I’ve heard the idea about money and success too many times to be immune to it.

So that will be the next thing I focus on changing.

I’m not sure how I’ll do it yet.  But maybe knowing that I have enough and being honest with myself about what I really need will help.

My feelings of success come not so much from the demand for what I’m selling.  But that I’m creating something that I believe in that speaks to people in a powerful way.  And that gives my life meaning too.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Successful

  1. Maria, I love all the sweet faces of your animals! They are all different, but you can see how much they love you. I know they are also wanting food (I have no illusions), but there is something much deeper there, from how you treat the cats, the dogs, the sheep, the donkeys, the chickens, to the snails. The animals just “know” how kind and caring you are. Their little faces definitely show it!
    Congrats on selling out of your projects so quickly!

    1. I think that food is the first step in attaching to animals Fran, but like you say then it goes deeper. It’s nice that you’re able to see their individuality from my photos.

  2. Dear Maria, Your success in life in all areas, has inspired me to success, at least I’m starting toward success in some areas of life!! After reading of your courage, I can’t BEAR to DIE a COWARD!! For me that is the biggest success, refusing to give into the feelings of fear. Our feelings lie to us all the time, why live in FEAR FEELINGS? You and Jon exemplify this SUCCESS every day! Annie

    1. That’s an insightful way of defining Success Annie. Makes me wonder what other people feel that success means to them. Thank you!

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