Rosemary And Biddy, Old Friends

Rosemary and Biddy

Rosemary and Biddy are the two sheep that I still have from the four Romneys who we took in a few years ago.  Griselle and Izzy the two other Romenys that came with them both died this year.

Sometimes I see Rosemary and Biddy hanging around together and wonder if they miss the other sheep they lived with for so long.  They show no signs of it, but I can’t help believe that they have a special bond between them.

Lately, I’ve seen Rosemary and Kim together a lot.  They both hang back from the rest of the flock  when Zinnia is around.  I think she’s a bit too wild for them and they like to avoid her.

Seeing Rosemary and Biddy next to each other in the pole barn today, I could imagine them sipping tea, or maybe even a glass of wine, talking over the old days.  Hopefully happy with where the ended up.

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