Bud And The Old Wise Tree

Taking down the fence that closed off the space behind my studio with the big old maple was such a good decision.

I’m thinking about transplanting some Hosta’s there, maybe in the back by the Hydrangeas and maybe a couple of chairs.  It’s a private space, blocked from the road by my studio with the barn wall bordering one side of it.

The maple that grows in the middle of it is the biggest of the three that are growing in the yard.  Just being in its presence is calming.  But I think it infuses its tree wisdom into the whole space.

And if Jon and I don’t make good use of the space, Bud already is.

I know he’s obsessing on a chipmunk but I like to think he’s worshiping at the roots of the wise old tree.  Maybe he’ll pick up some of her grounding energy.

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