8 thoughts on “Donkeys And Sheep, On The Move

  1. Quite a cute parade. I like that since you’re shooting it, we get to feel like we’re in the midst of them.

  2. I just love seeing videos of the Bedlam animals in the meadow. I was playing a nice piece of music in the background and it gave me such a feeling of peace….wonderful. Those animals are so lucky to have the people they’ve got.

  3. What a sweet video. The sheep look younger and cooler in their summer outfits! I especially liked how politely Fanny and Lulu stepped aside to let the others through the gate first.
    What I’d expect from your animals, Maria!

    1. They really are mostly gentle animals Laura. Jon taught me that if our animals have enough to eat and are well taken care of they generally won’t be aggressive. When they know they have what the need they are more patient and generous with those around them.

  4. I just love how Fate seems to know she is being videoed and say “watch me; let me get the sheep”. Such enthusiasm for a job is joyful to behold.

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