Dream Flower


Debbie bought my quilt that I’ve named Dreamflower. It was Debbie that gave me the piece of fabric above the rectangles of the rocks and water. Her mother brought it back from Japan and Debbie was happy to have it back in its new form.

It was Carol Conklin who gave me the piece of fabric above that.  Lothlorien is the title of the batik it came from.  It’s a fairy place in JRR Tolkien’s  Lord Of The Rings. 

When I asked Carol what it meant to her she wrote me “Lothlorien was powerful and peaceful nature. The depth of the rock and chasms and the beautiful sounds and flowers and echo of ages were all inspiring. The River was magical and currents entrancing.”

It was Donna who told me that Lothlorien means Dreamflower.  I thought it fit the quilt.

The back of Dreamflower.

4 thoughts on “Dream Flower

  1. When I saw the fabric of the rocks and water, I immediately thought it was the famous stone garden at
    Ryoanji in Kyoto. Now I read the fabric was brought back from Japan. Oh my, how very special. I spent
    hours looking at the simplicity and complexity of the rock and only rock in a landscape architecture course.

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