Socks Out My Window

Socks out the window

If I could I would sleep in a room with a wall of windows.

The bedroom in our 1840 farmhouse has four windows, graduating in size from one double-hung window to a single sash window, to two small kneeling windows.

A while back I moved our bed so when I woke up in the morning I’d only have to turn my head to look out one of those small windows.  Today when I did I saw Socks, framed by the leaves of the big maple outside my studio, grazing in the cool morning.

5 thoughts on “Socks Out My Window

  1. I very much understand this, Maria. I’m the same way. We have a window on either side of our bed. I leave my shade up 3/4 of the way with a purple sheer over the window. I just love to let the light wake me and to look out the window to see my wren birdhouses and part of my gardens. It’s a connecting back to the earth after a night of dreaming.

  2. I looked at this photo for the longest time trying to see a pair of your colorful socks. Duh! It finally hit me that Socks is a sheep.
    Beautiful photo.

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