Lulu Under The Apple Tree

I’m halfway through shipping out my wool and am about to go back to it in just a bit. I sold almost all the yarn since Sunday, only a few skeins of burnt orange and  Asher’s natural roving still available.

This morning I sat out by the marsh for a while.   Issachar came to graze right under the fallen tree branch I was sitting on.  I leaned back against him till he moved on.  He seemed to enjoy my company.

And I liked the feel of his soft wool and the sound of him munching on grass.

2 thoughts on “Lulu Under The Apple Tree

  1. What a great picture of Lulu. Sitting with a sheep companionably sounds wonderful. Sometimes my rabbit will let me lean my head against her side for a while and it always feels like being given a gift. When it happens I tell my partner “Bella let me be a bunny today”

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