The Spider’s Home In The Tree

It was impossible to miss the bright orange marks spraypainted on the trees.  I was walking in my neighbor’s woods and knew these were the trees, all dead, he’ll be cutting for this winter’s firewood.

I know one of these trees very well.  It has some kind of fungus growing above a round hole in the tree. It always seemed to me a lovely entryway for some small animals home.

I’ve taken pictures of it before, but wanted to look at it again before it got cut down.

The hole is just about my eye level and as I walked up to the tree and looked inside, there was a big brown and black spider looking back at me.  It’s legs reached across from one side of the whole to the other which is about two or three inches round.

The spider must have been as startled as I was because she quickly turned and ran out of sight.  I’m guessing it was a wolf spider from the size and color.

I stayed just long enough to take a picture, then told the spider she’d best be moving on.  Soon her home would be firewood.

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