Digging Dahlias

The dahlia garden

Once again I walked into the barn to get the plastic pots to store my dahlia’s in and got sidetracked.  The barn was such a mess and it was still early in the day…

So when I finished cleaning the barn I threw the plastic pots in the wheelbarrow with my shovel and clippers and started digging.

I separated the dahlia’s by color into pots and took the wheelbarrow full of dead plants into the barnyard for the donkeys and sheep to feast on.

Well, Fanny and Lulu got a nice meal anyway.  They made sure the sheep didn’t get any dahlias.  But I did give Liam and Socks a couple of the last rotting apples from the tree to snack on.

Then I brought the dahlia bulbs into the cold storage room in the basement for the winter.  Soon they’ll be joined by my potted fig tree and some seeds.

There was one dahlia that I didn’t dig up.  This one, protected from the frost by the bilco doors and the side of the house, was the only dahlia that survived the frost.

I think when I do dig it up, I’ll mark it and plant it in the same spot next year.


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