4 thoughts on “A Crunchy Walk In The Woods

  1. I always smile at the sound of crunching leaves. I have a friend who lost her hearing at around the age of two. She has hearing aides & every 5 years or so she gets new ones. She said they improve so much each time she hears stuff she never heard before. So one time she walked out of the office with new hearing aides with her mom & got so frightened because these weird noises were all around & she couldn’t figure out what it was & thought something was sneaking up or surrounding her. Then they figured it out, it was the fall leaves swirling & crunching around them. She had to idea that leaves made noise.
    Each time I think of that I just think of the joy of nature & especially the change of seasons.
    thanks for making me smile today.

  2. I love the sound of the leaves, we don’t have that in Hawaii..colors are so pretty.. I also always Love seeing your beautiful Fur Baby’s..
    Stay safe and Aloha Teri

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