Making The Moth For My “Shield Of Words”

Today was the day to create the moth for my Shield of Words fabric printing.

The first thing I did was a drawing to size of the moth.  It took me many tries to get the right size and shape.

I decided the fabric for the moth needed to be quilted and chose the same old quilt that I made the shield out of, only using the back. I liked how the hand quilting sat inside the shape of the moth.

Using a pencil I traced the paper moth onto the fabric then painted it using the same yellow that I used on the shield.  I made two so I’d have one to practice on.

On the first moth I used purple thread.  I got a good feeling for what it would look like, using some fabric and some stitching to make the markings on the wings.

Although the purple worked really nicely with the yellow it didn’t work with the fabric painting.

So I used the same maroon thread that I used to draw the woman.   I mixed orange paint to dry brush over the yellow to give it a little more texture.

The two butterflies. Purple practice on top and maroon on the bottom.

I cut the moth out and pinned it to the fabric painting.  I still have to figure out how I’ll sew it down.  I may cut off the antenna and stitch them directly onto the backing.

12 thoughts on “Making The Moth For My “Shield Of Words”

  1. Maria – It’s fascinating to follow your process while creating something like the moth. I love the last picture where it looks like the moth is hovering over the surface of the quilt and about to fly off. Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous! Rich with symbolism as well. The moth means so much to different cultures, from the visitation of ancestors to regeneration. I always wonder what ancestor is present when I see one. Happy and powerful.

    1. The moth is such an interesting symbol Donna. Close to the butterfly, but differnt. It came to me in a dream and I’ve been exploring it since.

  3. I love how it looks now almost lifting off the backing. 3D in a 2D world. Looking forward to seeing it completed! Beautiful as always.

  4. I so enjoy your thought process that goes into this work… well as trial and error…… This is gorgeous, Maria! I can see a magnet coming. LOL!
    Susan M

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