A Thirty Second “Looking and Seeing” Meditation

These tiny ice crystals strung on a spider’s silk caught my attention as they quivered in the cold air. It was just above zero this morning.  But I saw the ice crystals on the tips of the grasses growing in the pond drew me in.  I had a feeling that if I took some time and looked a little closer, I’d see something otherwise unobserved, but a human anyway.

First I noticed the steam coming off the water, then I saw the quivering ice, strung like beads on the spider’s silk. I watched it for a while, amazed as I often am at the strength of a spider’s silk, that it didn’t break.

Then I took the video, lifting my iPhone to the surroundings, to show just how small the subject of my video really was.

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2 thoughts on “A Thirty Second “Looking and Seeing” Meditation

  1. Yes, Maria, I truly appreciate your varied creative talents! I also find it therapeutic to watch your 30 secs. meditation sounds. Most enduring are all the pics of sweet Bud! Thank you for today’s with Bud looking so happy to be out for a ride. I did send a donation and hope to continue to. You and Jon are inspiring many. Thank you Maria

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