An Owl For My Owl Woman

I made an owl for my Owl Woman today.

I tried out some drawings with pencil on paper, but as often happens, when I drew it with my free-motion sewing machine, it came out just as I wanted it to.

It was something I just couldn’t do with pencil on paper.

In some ways, I feel like I really learned to draw with my sewing machine, like it taught me how to let go to be freer.  Somehow it takes away the expectation of perfection.


I still have to sew everything down.  I was going to start doing that today, but that owl called to me.

8 thoughts on “An Owl For My Owl Woman

  1. This is getting interesting, Maria! What is happening between Owl Woman and Little Owl? Makes you wonder. You’ve got my attention now.

    1. Ah Donna, you just reminded me of where the idea for the owl came from. Although I wasn’t consciously aware when I made her. I’ll have to write, thanks for jogging my memory….

  2. Perfect tree material, Marie, where in the world did you find it?
    Would like that in my collection.
    Sandy Proudfoot

    1. I got that from one of the Bellydancing clothing and fabric swaps we had. I think the intention was for it to become a choli, but I haven’t sewn clothes using a pattern in years.

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