White Hen Considers A Potato Chip

The hens were happy to eat the leftover potato chips in the summer on the back porch.   But they didn’t seem as interested today.  I’ll have to try something else next time.

2 thoughts on “White Hen Considers A Potato Chip

  1. They are funny things, I love the little gurgling noises of running commentary they make.
    My 4 played ‘grab and run’ with their snack this morning, salad mix, past its best. They don’t mind that its all wilted and getting a touch mushy – but I never will understand why they chase each other, convinced that what the quickest one of their flockmates snatched up, and has hanging out of her beak, while she runs away from them, must be so much better than the remainder sitting in the bowl, which is exactly the same stuff, available without the challenge. Still it’s fun to watch!

    1. I guess, like people, Hannah, they always want what someone else has. Mine won’t eat usually greens. But maybe this time of year they would. I’ll have to try, I have some wilting in the fridge too.

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