Constance, The Squeaky Wheel


Constance is the noisiest lamb I’ve ever had.  When she’s not baaing it’s usually because she’s eating.  Like a squeaky wheel, she always gets my attention.  “Soon Constance, soon,” I answer her as bring out the hay or scoop of the grain.

My sheep are messy eaters and end up with hay on their backs after a meal.  But it doesn’t stay there long.  It becomes an after-meal snack as they eat it off of each other backs.

Helps to keep their wool clean when shearing time comes.

4 thoughts on “Constance, The Squeaky Wheel

  1. I tell ya, Constance is going places in this world. A natural born leader. She’s gonna have that flock form a union, and she’s gonna be shop steward. You’re going to be negotiating with the Teamsters before you know it.

    1. Ha! Jill, I was thinking of you when I wrote this piece. I’m sure they’ll demand more grain and second cut hay all winter instead of just when it’s really cold. I’m ready to negotiate. I can learn from Constance. :)

  2. Why is it so hard to ask for what we want, what we need? I keep thinking of Veronica’s “bring into sweet focus a world my heart requires”.

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