White Hen Eats A Mealworm

White Hen was at the door of the coop again today so I offered her a mealworm.   At first, she didn’t see it, so drew attention to it by pretending to place it on the ledge of the doorway.

She liked it a lot better than yesterday’s potato chip, which she turned her back on.   I threw a few more mealworms into the coop for her and Brown Hen to share.

I took advantage of the warm day (in the upper thirties) to give the chicken coop a good cleaning.

I also cleaned White Hens rear.  As happens to some chickens, sometimes poop sticks to her butt and when it does I clean it off with a warm wet rag.

This doesn’t happen to Brown Hen.  Actually, White Hen is the first chicken we’ve had this happens to.  But I’ve read it’s not uncommon.

Even though it was a warm day, the hens didn’t venture out of the coop. I guess there was too much snow on the ground.  Some of it melted today so maybe they’ll come out tomorrow.

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