Gentle and Handsome Pumpkin


Pumpkin and Liam were born on Bedlam Farm six years ago this spring.  Both are wethers, (castrated males) but they have very different personalities.

After Zelda died, Liam took over as leader of the flock. Even as a lamb Liam was more dominant than Pumpkin.

Pumpkin, who is Socks’ lamb is more skittish than Liam.  He still runs if I try to touch him and isn’t as pushy as the other sheep even if I have a snack for them.  He has a soft baa, almost like a whisper.

A mix between Border Leicester and Cheviot, Pumpkin has plenty of beautiful gray wool.

Even though he doesn’t like to be touched, Pumpkin will come up to me when I sit quietly in the barnyard. He’s a calm, gentle and handsome sheep.

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