Corona Kimono April 14, 2021

Corona Kimono

I just realized I never published this Corona Kimono post from the 14th.  So here it is….

There have been many times over the past year that Jon and I drove up to the front door of The Mansion Assisted Living Home where we both volunteer, dropped something off, (often that The Army of Good helped buy) and drove away without seeing anyone.

The last time I was inside The Mansion was when Jon and I read stories on March 3, 2020.  We had no idea then that it would be the last time we would be doing something inside the building for over a year.

Yesterday, for the first time since then, I got to walk through the front door and down the hallway,  to the Activities Room where I feel so comfortable, it’s like being in a good friend’s home.

But before that happened  Jon and I had to have a rapid covid test which was done outside by Lisa who works there.  Then we waited ten minutes for the results (both negative) signed in and had our temperatures taken.

Of course, things are different since I was last at The Mansion over a year ago.

Much of the furniture has been rearranged to accommodate social distancing, there are signs reminding people how to properly wear a mask and everyone is wearing a mask.

Also, there are lots of new people living there and some of the people I knew are gone.

Jon and I were there to read stories and Zinnia was there to greet people.

I had to hold myself back from hugging Ellen and Claudia when we walked into the Activities Room.   All of our smiles at seeing each other again evident through our masks. We met three new women who seemed glad we were there even though we didn’t know each other.

I read the stories that people had written to me on my blog about the Flour Sack Aprons and  Dresses.  Then I told them the story of Robin being born on the farm and showed them his picture.

I do love to hear stories and be read too, but yesterday it felt like the conversation that came out of the stories was even better than the stories themselves.  Everyone seemed glad to hear that Jon would be coming every week and that I would sometimes join him.

Before leaving I set up a date with Julie to have an art class later in the month.

I was glad and grateful to be back at The Mansion.

Glad to see the people I hadn’t in so long and grateful they were safe and doing well.  Even though the virus and the isolation it imposed on them, took its toll.

On my Corona Kimono entry, I drew a picture of the Flour Sack Apron and Robin on the pages of a book, to show the stories I brought to the people at The Mansion yesterday.

The sketch I worked out before stitching it on the Corona Kimono
Corona Kimono

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  1. Your Corona Kimono is a beautiful work of art. So glad you were able to step across the threshold of the Mansion, little by little life unfolds a new chapter in our books of life.

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