Drawing Chicks At The Mansion

Julie and her Chick

Today, at The Mansion, we drew chicks.

This was the class I was going to teach last month, but instead of drawing the chicks, Jon and I brought Kitty and Anne for a visit to The Mansion.

So today, I had all the materials prepared.

Five pieces of linen cut to size with a zigzag stitch around the edge, pencils, and markers.  I showed everyone how to make a chick using two circles.  First, we drew the chick on the linen in pencil then traced the pencil line in black marker then colored them in.  After that everyone was on their own to add what they wanted.

I took the drawings of the chicks home with me and will make them into a summer banner for Julie, the activities director, to hang in the Activities Room.

While I was there, Julie told me about the short story they had written about a duck.  “If these were ducks, they’d be perfect illustrations for the story,” she said.  That’s when I got the idea that our next few classes should be about illustrating the story.  Julie and I will figure out what the illustrations should be then we’ll let whoever shows up for the classes draw them.

Once that’s done, Jon and I will figure out the best way to print the book.

This was my first time teaching at The Mansion since they shut down because of the pandemic over a year ago.  And even though everyone had to sit at their own table, socially distancing, and most of the people who attended didn’t live at The Mansion the last time I taught a class, it didn’t feel like I hadn’t been there for a year.

It was a joy to be back.

Julie asked if I could teach a class to the people in the Memory Unit at The Mansion too.  So I’ll do that next month too.

All the chicks from left to right, Claudia, Peg, Peggy, Julie and Clara

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