The Chickens Out My Studio Window

I intentionally threw the mealworm near the chicks crate so the hen and chicks will get to know each other before the chicks actually leave the crate.

Today I watched Kitty and Anne take a dust bath in the dry patch of earth in the grass.  They’re doing just about everything Brown Hen and White Hen are doing except laying eggs.  They’ll be ready to leave the crate when they’re six weeks old which will be next Wednesday.

We did order a Brahma rooster, but he kept getting delayed from the company he was ordered from and now it seems we won’t be getting him at all.    After all the delays he would have been too young to put in the same crate with the growing chicks, and  I didn’t like the idea of him growing up alone.

If we do get a rooster next year, we’ll get a hen with him too so they can grow up together.

2 thoughts on “The Chickens Out My Studio Window

  1. So glad the chicks introduction to the older hens is going so well, love seeing them turn from tiny fluffballs, growing up into healthy mini hens, with feathers and colors changing it seems almost daily. I look forward to following their story at the farm. Making me feel impatient to welcome the 2 Easter Egger pullets we’re getting in a few weeks time!

    Great idea to make the Mansion artwork project about chicks too, and I always enjoy seeing the scraps potholders, and your new quilt is growing rapidly – lots of exciting things happening!

    1. I made a few more potholders using your scraps Hannah. And I’m saving up more feed bags for you too. How nice to be getting some chicks! I just googled them. they look like nice chickens to have. Good luck with them and have fun!

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