Egg and Feather


Every once in a while a feather will be stuck to one of the chicken’s eggs. I always find it endearing.

Our Hens are seven years old this spring and they still lay about an egg a day this time of year. Chickens can live to be 10 years old.  I think Brown Hen and White Hen are looking pretty good for their age.

3 thoughts on “Egg and Feather

    1. I didn’t expect to cry watching the egg video, but I did Trish. And the Owl….Wow, she was talking! I’d never heard of Bill Viola, I looked at a few more, I love the imagery. Thank you!

  1. I love the way you can see Viola, with his camera, reflected in the eye of the owl. I highly recommend the longer piece from which these are drawn: it’s called “I Do Not Know What It Is I am Like.” Your animal photographs and meditation videos quite often remind me of that masterpiece. He was one of the very earliest artists to work seriously in video, rather than celluloid. I’m honored to introduce one great artist to another.

    1. Yes, Trish, and I felt like it was me as much as Viola with his camera that was reflected there. That’s how well I think it worked to bring the view into it. I will watch the longer version. Thanks again! 🙂

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