Summer Quilt, Almost There

I’m almost done designing my Summer quilt.  I still have to sew the strip on the bottom, then it needs a little more on top.

I found just the right piece of fabric for the top left corner of the quilt in a potholder I designed last week but hadn’t made into an actual potholder yet.

The colors were perfect and the little hedgehogs in the gardens fit right in with the rest of the quilt.

I’m leaving for Bellydancing soon so I won’t get any more done on it today, but I hope to finish designing it tomorrow and get started on the backing.

3 thoughts on “Summer Quilt, Almost There

  1. Hmm, some of the fabric looks familiar! It’s amazing to see how you group patterns and colors in unexpected ways. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Enjoy the last weeks of spring where you are Maria. This quilt looks as if it is a celebration of the season. Aloha nui loa

    1. I try to mix the fabrics up Donna. Thanks for your contribution to this quilt. Now that I’m thinking of it the colors remind me of one of the cards you sent me that is hanging in my studio. The pinks and greens….

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