Small Wonder

I was searching.  I had the need to see something I never had before in the things I look at every day.  So I put the macro lens on my iPhone and wandered the farm, inside and out.

It felt like hope to me, the idea that I could find something wonderous where I didn’t expect it. I took picture after picture, but not finding what I was looking for finally gave up.

Instead, I went to the big maple behind my studio, a place I spend little time, and leaned against the tree, soaking in its slow calm.

But the thick chunks of bark were filled with life.  Moths fluttered from their hiding places behind the bark, like tiny bats emerging from their sleeping place.  A big black ant scurried in and out of the crevices as if looking for something it had lost.  A spider feasted on her catch in her small web.

Water dripped off the branches and soaked the bark in a deep crevasse where long ago two trees had grown together to create one.  Distracted by the bright green lichen, it took me a moment to see the mushrooms.  The largest one was a sixteenth of an inch at most. They grew up and down the crevasse so small I had no idea what they really looked like till I focused my lens on them.

I was looking for a miracle and I had found it.


12 thoughts on “Small Wonder

  1. Thank you! This is such a beautiful post — Georgia O’Keeffe would be proud! “[T]o see takes time.” (And in some circumstances, an iPhone with a macro lens.) I was remembering on this morning’s walk that the first time I saw Jimson Weed “in the wild”, I didn’t know what it was. Her painting was on such a “huge scale”, as she put it, I actually thought the “real thing” would be every bit as huge. Or at least the size of a dinner plate. But the flowers are about the size of the palm of your hand, although they look just like the painting — green leaves, pure white blossom with this beautiful hint of lavender around the edges. But you have to stop and take the time to see!

  2. Such a lovely adventure with you through your words! And that lacy mushroom – so sweet! I can just picture the wee daintiest of a fairy who loves to sit next to it with a cup of tea.

  3. I was there with you through your words and picture. Exquisite. This is what I look for when out walking my small companion dog on the apartment property where we live — there are many trees and some small bit of “wild” woods even here in our small town. And lots of animals and birds. Such a gift. My turtle potholder arrived yesterday — it is wonderful and I can’t wait to hang it where it can be enjoyed every time I see it. Much happiness to you and Jon for the gifts you both share with the world.

    1. I love that you find these miracles too Ruth. They are everywhere, not just in the woods. So glad you’re happy with your potholder. 🙂

  4. More! More!
    Comparing what we see in the photo with your description is a miracle. I can’t imagine those mushrooms being 1/16″. That is magical. I wonder what flavor of tea the fairy is drinking. The flesh-toned mushrooms are exquisite.

    I want to view that world. would you please show us what your iphone looks like with the macro lens attached to it? I want to know what I’m looking for.

    1. Susie, here is a link to the Moment website where I got my macro lens. it’s very easy to use. you do need a special case for your iPhone then it just screws on over the lens it’s a little bigger than a quarter and about an inch and half thick.

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