Moon, Sea and Now Earth…

I woke up thinking about my quilt.  Something bothered me about it.  It didn’t have the right feeling.  I wanted it to be calmer and there was too much going on. Too many stripes.  I was also thinking about the earth and sky and wanted to warm it up some. There was so much sky and air, I wanted to give it some earth.

So I took some pieces of fabric off and added others.  Now it feels just right to me.  I had a couple of people ask about it.  Both mentioned liking the blues, but now it’s gone in a different direction so I don’t know if they’re still interested in it.

But I’ll sleep better tonight knowing the quilt is how it should be.

I did a little reading about The Goddess of the Hunt, the Roman goddess Diana and the Greek, Artemis but I didn’t get far and I have Bellydancing tonight, so it will have to wait till tomorrow.  I know she’s a part of the quilt, I’m just vague about the details.

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