In The Barn

I wonder what the word is for the kind of snow we had today.  It’s not like any snow I’ve shoveled before. I think I’ll call it icesnow because  I had to chop it with the ice chopper then shovel it.  I made a narrow path from the door down the steps, cleared the back step and the barn doors and pasture gate.

That was enough chopping and shoveling for me.

As the day went on and the snow kept coming, I shoveled the soft snow on top of the icesnow.

I fed the animals in the barn today.  The feeders were frozen to the ground, so I didn’t move them into the barn as I would have liked to do.  I scattered the hay on the ground and put grain in buckets.

The barn stayed dry, so I knew the animals were okay, even if they came to the gate baaing every time I went out to shovel snow.  The wind was blowing from all directions so I left the door to the chicken coop closed. The hens seemed content with the mealworms and extra hay I put in the coop.

We didn’t leave the farm today.   I don’t know if we could have gotten out of the driveway if wanted to.  There were few cars on the road, mostly plow trucks.  Although I did see our Amish neighbors go by on a sled pulled by two horses. Little traffic and no wheels makes for good driving in this kind of weather.

We were lucky compared to many people who are dealing with this storm.  It’s 6:30pm and  still snowing but Mike who plows our driveway said it’s going to be in the upper 20’s and sunny on Sunday, so much of the icesnow may start to melt.

That sounds good to me.

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