Lulu, Always On Guard

Lulu is always on guard.  She’ll quickly step away from her food when she hears or sees something out of the ordinary.

This morning I was walking on the frozen marsh at the bottom of the barnyard.  Lulu walked away from the feeder, ears forward investigating in the way she does. Once she saw it was me, she went back to the hay.

3 thoughts on “Lulu, Always On Guard

  1. A private reply:
    The batting arrived today. I was surrounded by my bits and pieces when my husband walked by and got into the act. ” no, no. You can’t use those awful cabbage doll pieces which Margaret sent to you!” Then he laid out really nice material and of course I was persuaded…
    So that idea of mine went down the drain.
    Thank you so much for sending this present. I am enchanted and will cut out a simpler style than was my first intention, probably using bias binding for edgings.

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