Becki’s Potholder

Becki’s potholder

Becki sent me this picture of the potholder I made hanging on her refrigerator.  I always love seeing my work hanging in its new home.  My potholders feel like little messages of beauty I can send out into the world.

Some people, like Marjorie, put them to work.  “I bought some potholders years ago that I still use and enjoy,” she wrote to me.  I do love to hear that my potholders are durable and do good work.

I’m not sure if Becki will put hers to work in the same way, but there are many kinds of work that a piece of art can do.

My potholders are almost gone from my Etsy Shop, I guess it’s time to make more.

2 thoughts on “Becki’s Potholder

  1. Love this! To me, this is a work of art. It reminds me of my grandmother who used to do quilts. It also gives me fond memories of reading Jon’s books and remembering the story of how he worked so hard to get you to marry him. Jon’s books are some of my all-time favorite.
    Maria’s art has alot of meaning. That’s what I love about her. Not afraid to be herself.
    As I do, she sees the beauty in the small things. And she loves all animals. I so admire her.
    My potholder will hang on my fridge unused until the day I die. My days are numbered due to cancer which I am not treating.
    I’ve told the story of my potholder a d the love I have for it to my daughter, who will become the owner of it once I am gone. I hope she cherishes it as much as I do

    1. Oh Becki, I am honored. I admire your honesty and openness about the cancer and your choice not to treat it. Thank you for all your good words. And I’ll pass what you said about Jon’s books along to him. He did ask me everyday sometimes more than once a day to marry him. I’m glad I did. You made my day Becki, Thank you.

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