The Last Duck Drawing At The Mansion

Claudia and her drawing

Claudia met me at the door of The Mansion.  “I wanted to make sure you were coming,” she said to me.  Then she said she missed me and said that everyone was waiting and we could walk down to the activities room together.

I missed Claudia and the other people who show up for my art classes too.  It’s was just before Christmas that I saw them last.  My January visit to the Mansion was delayed because of Covid.

Today we finished something we started almost a year ago.

It was sometime in the spring of 2021 that we started doing drawings to illustrate a short story that some of the people who live at The Mansion wrote.  It’s the story of a duck who leaves home to find love and does in a  long-legged female duck.

There are four illustrations for the story. The last one, that we did today, was of the ducks together with a heart above their heads.

There were two new people in the class today, Gloria and Jennifer.  They were doing the duck drawings for the first time. But Claudia, Peg, and Debbie had lots of experience from the previous classes and knew just what to do.

Now that all the drawings are done, I’m going to choose four drawings that best illustrate the story and make a booklet out of them.

Debbie and her drawing
Gloria’s drawing

Peg and her drawing.
Jennifer and her drawing. She said it looked like a spaceship.

One thought on “The Last Duck Drawing At The Mansion

  1. I love the mix of pride and joy on their faces.

    Did they know from the outset that just 4 photos would go in the book? Any concerns about someone’s feelings getting hurt if they’re not chosen or is that unlikely?

    1. We did talk about how the illustrations would be placed in the book. There are a few people who are always in the class and I’ll be sure to include one of each of their drawings. But I may add an extra drawing if it works.

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